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Short Stay Group exclusively operates over 500 serviced apartments in Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. Short Stay Group is responsible for the exclusive operational management of these apartments.
To make sure guests feel at home Short Stay Group has a strong focus on guest service and customer satisfaction.


Short Stay Group has been able to show a very healthy growth over the years and has grown from 2008 with a couple of apartments in Amsterdam to over 500 apartments in Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona! Short Stay Group forecasts that the number of exclusively managed short stay apartments will continue to grow in the upcoming years to 2000 by 2020.

Short Stay Group combines excellent operational management with a solid back office and sales experience.

Excellent operational management

Short Stay Group has:
  • Over 10 years of international experience in operating serviced apartment accommodation;
  • Detailed protocols of processes and business;
  • Outsourced operational tasks to focus on guest experience;
  • Property Management System, fully tailored to and developed for the serviced apartment sector;
  • Centrally located check-in desks in each city and at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Solid Property Management System

Short Stay Group has developed its own and unique Property Management System (Proboss) to support all aspects of the operational business:
  • Automatic, real-time yield management and content management across all channels;
  • XML and API based connectivity to enable direct connections with channels or via channel managers
  • Front office operations support;
  • Cleaning and maintenance management modules;
  • Integrated automatic financial reporting and forecasting modules

Powerful sales

Short Stay Group owns and operates three websites:
Direct bookings are handled centrally by the sales and reservations department at the headquarters in Amsterdam. Our PMS system enables us to connect to all relevant sales channels in the world and the intelligent yield management module provides live sales insights to improve occupancy and optimize ADR. 

Customer Satisfaction

By delivering quality apartments as well as delivering excellent service to our guests, Shotr Stay Group contributes to the total customer satisfaction. Across all sales channels, Short Stay Group has an average review score of 8 on a scale of 10.
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